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Wilderness Ranger Cookbook – Pre-­order Announcement

By Grant Johnson, 07/14/2014, Categories: Shop+Eat+Drink, Today

The cookbook contains more than 100 tried-and-true backcountry recipes from wilderness rangers and volunteers across the United States.

Life in Food and Words

By Susan Cunningham, 04/15/2012, Categories: Shop+Eat+Drink, Culture, People, Community, Living

Steamboat wife and mom Krysta MacGray, whose blog, "My Life In Food," gets more than 30,000 hits per month. Krysta MacGray makes all of her recipes at least twice: once following the recipe, and a second time to improve it.

Healthy Living: Home-Cooked Recipes

By Caroline Lalive, 04/15/2011, Categories: Shop+Eat+Drink, People, Living

Cooking has always been one of my favorite hobbies. When I was a kid, my mom always made elaborate, incredible meals with bold flavors. I credit her and those childhood dinners for my love affair with food.

Building the Perfect Home Spa

By Anonymous, 04/01/2010, Categories: In Print, People, Living

Feel the coolness of the clay walls, smell the aromatic soaps, gaze into the quiet flames of the fireplace, hear the trickle of the waterfall, taste the crisp, white wine: Visiting the nespa in the rural Routt County home of Jack and Mary McClurg awakens the senses.

The Dish on Chef Dave Merlina - Creating festive fare for the holidays!

By Jennie Lay, 12/01/2009, Categories: In Print, Shop+Eat+Drink, People, Living

Creating festive fare for the holidays!

Longing For Local Homespun Gifts for the Holiday

By Jennie Lay, 12/01/2008, Categories: In Print, Shop+Eat+Drink, Community, Living

Dear Santa, I’ve been an extra good girl this year, so I hope you’ll keep that in mind when you and your generous elves start pondering my extra-special wish list. You see, this year I’ve been on a mission to live more sustainably. Solar energy powers my home and work. I bought organic food from a Community Supported Agriculture farm.
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