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Cowboy Up

06/28/2015 ● By Christina Freeman

Western activities abound in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs outdoor adventures

04/01/2011 ● By Anonymous

Steamboat Springs adventures are filled with a slew of good times that are free.

Flying High - A behind-the-scenes look at Steamboat's Balloon Festival

04/01/2010 ● By Claudia Carbone

So far, everything is just like the morning of my first hotair balloon ride a few years ago. Only this time I'm on the inside - hanging out with the crew that will launch two balloons to drift alongside 40 others in the 29th Annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat.

Steamboat Springs - Must See Stops

04/01/2009 ● By Anonymous

Take in the lush tranquility of Steamboat’s native flowers and plants over a pond-side picnic or a stroll at the botanic gardens.

Adrenaline Sports

07/01/2006 ● By Kelly Bastone

Most animals – humans included – live by a code of self-preservation that serves us well. We avoid oncoming freight trains and hardly regret saving our skins. So why would anyone leap from a perfectly functioning plane?

What to do in Steamboat if you have...

07/01/2005 ● By Anonymous

The ski area base offers many activities, such as a climbing wall. Photo By Larry Pierce

Dude Ranch Capital of the US - Steamboat Springs

07/01/2003 ● By Anonymous

Steamboat Springs, located in the heart of Colorado’s high country, is a historic western town that can claim the title of “Dude Ranch Capital of the West.”