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Eye on the Ball

By Christina Freeman, 06/28/2015, Categories: Sports

Summer sports in Steamboat Springs

Summer Sports & Hiking

By Christina Freeman, 04/05/2014, Categories: Community, Sports

Up here, happiness is being outside.

Tips for Affordable Golf in Steamboat Springs

By Christina Freeman, 09/26/2012, Categories: In Print, Sports, Living

The sport that is often cited as skiing’s closest financial counterpart can be expensive,especially in a resort town. But there are ways to contain the costs. The golf pros at each of Steamboat’s three public courses– Haymaker, the Sheraton and Steamboat Springs Golf Club – offer cost-saving tips.

Global Climate Change with a Local Twist

By Jennie Lay, 07/01/2010, Categories: In Print, Community, Living

A recent pair of 500-inch winters doesn’t trump the reality of climate change. Scientists predict the Rockies are ultimately headed for warmer temperatures, smaller snowpacks, earlier melt-off and corresponding drought, wildfires and water shortages – let alone consequences for the traditional ski season.

Flying High - A behind-the-scenes look at Steamboat's Balloon Festival

By Claudia Carbone, 04/01/2010, Categories: In Print, Community, People

So far, everything is just like the morning of my first hotair balloon ride a few years ago. Only this time I'm on the inside - hanging out with the crew that will launch two balloons to drift alongside 40 others in the 29th Annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat.

A True Steamboat Legend - An inside look at war hero Robin Olds

By Deb Olsen, 04/01/2010, Categories: In Print, Community, People

Three days after retiring as a general from the United States Air Force in 1973, Robin Olds drove into Steamboat Springs.

Where to Wed in the Yampa Valley

By Stacey Kramer, 04/01/2009, Categories: In Print, Living

Much like real estate, the perfect wedding often boils down to three little words: location, location, location.

Steamboat Springs - Must See Stops

By Anonymous, 04/01/2009, Categories: In Print, Culture, Community

Take in the lush tranquility of Steamboat’s native flowers and plants over a pond-side picnic or a stroll at the botanic gardens.

What to do in Steamboat if you have...

By Anonymous, 07/01/2005, Categories: In Print, Shop+Eat+Drink, Living

The ski area base offers many activities, such as a climbing wall. Photo By Larry Pierce

Mountainside Canoeing: A family adventure

By Anonymous, 07/01/2002, Categories: In Print, Sports, People

“It’s the go-anywhere form of water transportation. You have access to more wilderness vis-à-vis canoeing than any other transportation device."