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Summer 2014 Bus Schedule

06/18/2014 10:29 ● Published by Grant Johnson

April 14, 2014 - December 6, 2014

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To the Mountain (Red Line)

Stop #     Stop Name                       First Bus    Times Past the Hour    Last Bus

10            Stockbridge                       6:40 AM      :00   :20   :40                10:40 PM

20            13th and Lincoln - Library 6:41 AM      :01   :21   :41                10:41 PM

21            11th and Lincoln               6:42 AM      :02   :22   :42                10:42 PM

22            9th and Lincoln                 6:43 AM      :03   :23   :43                10:43 PM

23            7th and Lincoln                 6:44 AM      :04   :24   :44                10:44 PM

24            5th and Lincoln                 6:45 AM      :05   :25   :45                10:45 PM

25            3rd and Lincoln                 6:46 AM      :06   :26   :46                10:46 PM

41            Iron Horse Inn                   6:47 AM      :07   :27   :47                10:47 PM

51            Pine Grove Center            6:50 AM      :10   :30   :50                10:50 PM

53            Central Park Plaza            6:52 AM      :12   :32   :52                10:52 PM

54            Wildhorse Marketplace     6:53 AM      :13   :33   :53                10:53 PM

To the Condos (Green Line)

Stop #     Stop Name                       First Bus    Times Past the Hour    Last Bus

101           Gondola Transit Center    6:58 AM      :18   :38   :58                10:58 PM

102           Ski Time Square               6:59 AM      :19   :39   :59                10:59 PM

103           Village Center                   7:01 AM      :21   :41   :01                11:01 PM

105           Alpine Ridge/Meadowlark6:42 AM      :22   :42   :02                 11:02 PM

107           Sunburst                           6:43 AM      :23   :43   :03                 11:03 PM

109           Timothy Drive                    6:44 AM      :24   :44   :04                11:04 PM

112           Mustang Run                    6:45 AM      :25   :45   :05                 11:05 PM

113           Whistler Village                 6:46 AM      :26   :46   :06                 11:06 PM

115           Walton Village                   6:47 AM      :27   :47   :07                 11:07 PM

202           Walton Pond                     6:31 AM      :31   :51   :11                 11:11 PM

203           Steamboat Hotel               6:32 AM      :32   :52   :12                 11:12 PM

205           La Quinta                          6:33 AM      :33   :53   :13                 11:13 PM

117           Shadow Run                     6:36 AM      :36   :56   :16                11:16 PM

118           Herbage                            6:37 AM      :37   :57   :17                11:17 PM

121           Dulany/Snowflower           6:38 AM      :38   :58   :18                11:18 PM

To Downtown and West Steamboat (Red Line)

Stop #     Stop Name                       First Bus    Times Past the Hour    Last Bus

101           Gondola Transit Center    6:42 AM      :42   :02   :22                11:22 PM

102           Ski Time Square               6:43 AM      :43   :03   :23                11:23 PM

56             Burgess Creek Road        6:44 AM      :44   :04   :24                11:24 PM

58             Resort Group                    6:45 AM      :45   :05   :25                11:25 PM

59             Central Park Plaza            6:26 AM      :46   :06   :26                11:26 PM

*506          YVMC (Hospital)                6:29 AM      :49   :09   :22                11:29 PM

60             Pines Condominiums        6:30 AM      :50   :10   :30                 11:30 PM

62             Safeway                            6:31 AM      :51   :11   :31                 11:31 PM

47             Steamboat Square            6:33 AM      :53   :13   :33                 11:33 PM

27             3rd and Lincoln                 6:34 AM      :54   :14   :34                 11:34 PM

28             5th and Lincoln                 6:35 AM      :55   :15   :35                 11:35 PM

29             7th and Lincoln                 6:36 AM      :56   :16   :36                 11:36 PM

30             9th and Lincoln                 6:37 AM      :57   :17   :37                 11:37 PM

31             11th and Lincoln               6:37 AM      :57   :17   :37                 11:37 PM

**12           Dream Island                    6:38 AM      :58   :18   :38                 11:38 PM

**17           Downhill Drive                   6:30 AM      :00   :20   :40                 11:40 PM

**1             Steamboat Campground   6:33 AM      :03   :23   :43                 11:43 PM

**2             Snowbowl                          6:34 AM      :04   :24   :44                 11:44 PM

7               Lift Up                                 7:36 AM      :06   :26   :46                  5:26 PM

*Service to YVMC (the Hospital) and Selbe Apartments is  on-call only. Call (970)846-1279 between 8 am and 5 pm to arrange service.

**Buses from the west end will only travel as far as 13th Street, Mountain Bound, after the 10:40 pm Stockbridge departure.

Yellow Line

“Y” stops are served on a fixed schedule.  Times for some of these stops are listed.

“OC” On-call service offers a way to provide bus service to a larger geographic area.  It is not intended to provide additional service on the scheduled route.  Reservations for pickups within the on-call service area can be made via SST Dispatch by calling (970) 846-1279 or emailing ( between 8 am and 5 pm.  A confirmation number will be provided to ensure your pickup.  

Pick-ups within the on-call service area can be requested a day in advance or on the same day; however, be aware that on-call service is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stop #     Stop Name                                      First Bus                    Last Bus

Y1             7th and Lincoln (Hilltop Bound)       7:10 AM                      5:30 PM*

Y15           Hillside Village Apartments              7:17 AM                      6:17 PM

Y1             7th and Lincoln (College Bound)     7:30 AM*                     5:50 PM

Y5             Colorado Mountain College             7:34 AM*                     5:34 PM*

Y1             On Call Service                                7:40-7:50 AM*              5:40-5:50 PM*
                  On-Call service is limited to Fairview, the Howelsen Complex, “Old             
                  Town” and the High School

Y1             7th and Lincoln (Hilltop Bound)         7:50 AM                      6:10 PM

Y5             Colorado Mountain College              7:55 AM                       5:54 PM

Y1             On Call Service                                 8:00-8:10 AM              6:17 PM
                  On-Call service is limited to Fairview, the Howelsen Complex, “Old                             
                  Town” and the High School

*Only one departure (:50) to the College between May 4 - August 23. Service will be on-call between :30 - :50 from May 4 - August 23.

Service throughout the day
-  Buses depart from 7th and Lincoln, bound for the College at :30 and :50 
    minutes past each hour.

-  Buses depart from the College, bound for the Downtown area at :34 and :54 
    minutes past each hour

-  Buses depart from 7th and Lincoln, bound for the Hilltop Connector at :10 
    minutes past each hour.

-  Buses depart from the Hillside Village Apartments, bound for the Downtown 
 at :17 minutes past each hour.

-  Buses are available to do “On-Call” service between :00 - :10 minutes past each 
    hour and :40 - :50 minutes past  each hour.

Steamboat Springs Transit makes every effort to operate according to the schedule and routing shown.  However, circumstances such as weather, road conditions, passenger loads, traffic, construction and other issues may prevent the bus from maintaining the schedule. 

How to use the bus and this schedule

Use this schedule to select the route you need.  There are several routes serving the Steamboat area.  Colors denote which buses serve what areas.   Locate on the map where you are and where you want to go and select the route or routes that will serve you best.  Note that some of the areas are served by two routes.  Read across from the stop listed to determine the first bus, last buses and all the times that a bus will arrive at your stop.

Check the destination sign on the bus.  It will tell you which line the bus serves and where it is going.  Drivers will call out all stops.  When you hear your destination, pull the cord over the window that will signal the driver.  Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.  Exit out the rear doors whenever possible.  Buses stop at signed stops only.  If you need to transfer to another route, let the driver know as soon as you have boarded so that they can arrange the transfer.

Times are shown for only a few major stops.  Find the nearest listed bus stop to determine the pick up time.  If you are unsure where the nearest stop is, call us at (970) 879-3717 and we will be happy to assist you.

General Information

Mobility devices, bicycles and other items:

Groceries, tubes, luggage and/or other items cannot be excessive and cannot block aisleways. The driver will make the determination if the amount is excessive.  As the bus approaches, make sure that you have your items ready to expedite the process. 

Tubes and passengers must be clean and dry before boarding the bus.  Passengers with tubes may be asked to exit the bus or deflate their tubes if the tubes limit the passenger capacity of the bus.

Each bus has a bicycle rack with space for 2 bikes.  If the rack is full, please wait for the next bus.

Children must be removed from strollers before boarding.  Strollers should be folded up.

All buses have wheelchair lifts.  Steamboat Springs Transit policy requires that all mobility devices are secured in designated areas.  

Service animals are welcome.  Pets can only be boarded if they are in an airline style pet carrier.

The following activities are not allowed on Steamboat Springs Transit buses:

1.  Physically or verbally threatening any person, fighting , annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities, unnecessary starring or stalking, having distracting or disruptive odor, or in any other way creating a disturbance which is disruptive or dangerous to others or the business activities of Steamboat Springs Transit.

2.  Possessing any item that could be used as a weapon, including, but not limited to: firearms, explosives, fireworks, clubs, chemical dispensing devises, knives with blades over 2 inches in length, or any other object(s) that may be used in any way to inflict bodily injury to another person.

3.  Assembling for the purpose of disturbing the public peace or committing any unlawful act.

4.  Using sexually explicit language, obscene gestures or racial, religious or ethnic slurs which are likely to upset or disturb the peace of other passengers or the driver.

5.  Failing to be fully clothed, or wearing apparel which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict.

6.  Soliciting money or other contributions or donations.

7.  Defacing, damaging or destroying property in any area belonging to Steamboat Springs Transit, its riders or employees.

8.  Throwing, discarding or depositing any paper, glass or other matter of any kind except in designated trash receptacles.

9.  Possessing open cans, bottles or other receptacles containing any alcoholic beverage.  No open containers of food or drink. 

10.  Smoking other than in designated smoking areas.  No smoking on the bus.

For your safety, Steamboat Springs Transit buses are only permitted to stop at designated stops along the route only.

Please allow disabled persons to board first.

Steamboat Springs Transit will make information available to all interested members of the general public regarding the prohibition of discrimination against people with disabilities.

Community Numbers
Transit TTD-TT 1-800-659-2656    
CIty Hall (P.A.L. line) (970) 879-2060     
GO Alpine (taxi) (970) 879-2800     
Emergency 911
Community map bus transit schedule route stops times

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